Programmatic Digital Advertising

I currently manage a full digital suite of programmatic digital products that change the way businesses advertise, and more importantly, how they reach their target audience. The suite of digital products that I manage connects the right audiences, with the right ads, at the right time. In addition, I am able to measure how well a campaign is doing because everything in digital is highly trackable. I maintain current vendors and constantly sourcing any new digital marketing channels. I am able to research, source, and establish a relationship between my employer and the vendor.

Favorite Digital Ad Targeting Tactic: Geofencing + Retargeting

Website/App Development

Trained in website and mobile app development, I am able to create beautiful mobile responsive websites and web apps that are both engaging and user-friendly. Some of the technologies I use on a daily basis are HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript as well as technologies to support them, such as Wordpress CMS, Cpanel, PHPmyAdmin, and mySQL. I am able to take on web projects from start to finish. This includes the mock-up, production, and launching/migration of the site. The type of sites that I like to develop are informational, real estate with IDX Integration, and E-commerce.

Favorite HTML Text Editor: Sublime, Dreamweaver (Only to edit HTML code, not for design)

CMS of Choice: Wordpress

Java Editor of Choice: Eclipse

Mobile App Development Tool of Choice: Android Studio

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Graphic/User Interface Design

Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to create beautiful graphics for websites, print ads, digital ads, in addition to mobile applications. In any kind of marketing, knowing what looks good is important. I pride myself in not only having a keen eye for great design, I also have the ability to create engaging designs that make meaningful connections between a brand and it's audience.

Favorite Graphic Design Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

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Search Engine Optimization

From my experience in website development, search engine optimization is an important part of my skills set. With search engines changing the way websites are ranked every year, keeping updated with the best practices and following the rules are the best ways to maintain and climb in rankings. High placement on search engines means more than what is on a website itself; it's about optimizing things outside of the website such as reviews and social media. Search engines look for indicators and signals in and outside the website to determine if a website is relevant for a particular search term.

Favorite Website Auditing Suite: SEM Rush

Google Analytics Certified

Being Google Analytic Certified is a very important aspect of my position in the digital marketing industry. Since I handle a team of web developers, ad operations team and maintain relationships with clients, I have to be able to not only interpret what the numbers mean, but I also have to know how the analytic numbers tell a story about a certain business, and it's customers. Without knowing what the story is, a bounce rate, is just a bounce rate.

Google Adwords Certified

With my Google Adwords Certification, I help businesses reach the top of search results through Pay Per Click advertising. One of the challenges every business has is that most of them don't appear on search results for everything they would like to. For keywords that businesses cannot appear organically within the search result, Google Adwords is a great campaign to run for any business as part of their overall marketing strategy. Being Google Adwords Certified ensures that I can effectively run a campaign all while following Googles policies.


My photography background spans over 15 years. I started out as a wedding/portrait photographer, and eventually learned food and product photography. My most notable project for product photography was a project I did for my DPMS/ Remington Arms in 2014. I had the opportunity to shoot all the product images for the 2014 Product catalog along with all the lifestyle shots used in the catalog.

My Camera of Choice: Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 60D

My Favorite Lenses: Canon fixed 50mm 1.2f and Tamron VC Di 70-300mm

Favorite Photo Editing Program: Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

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Video Productions

Video production is a natural extension of my photography abilities. I have shot instructional and product launch videos. I shoot professional quality video and proficient in editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. With videos garnering high engagement levels on all digital platforms, it's important for businesses to be able to create video content and market it. Just like articles on a website, videos should be apart of any business's content marketing strategy.

My Video Camera of Choice: Canon 5d Mark II with 50mm L Lens

My Edit Software of Choice: Adobe Premiere, After Effects

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